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  • Dear All,

    Price dropped for SPO-35720~SPO-35724 HOM-50310~HOM-50313 HOM-54205~HOM-54208 HOM-57637 ETO-56656 BAG-57957~BAG-57963 BAG-56948~BAG-56951 PET-57523~PET-57527 HOM-55894~HOM-55896 APP-57048~APP-57059 APP-57740~APP-57749


  • Dear All,

    These items are discontinued:



  • Dear All,

    WAN-52485 has been changed to AB2437. AB2437 is 3 pairs of drum sticks.

    Discontinued item: SPO-38926,APP-34179,BAG-46023,BAG-28280,BAG-28279,BAG-17442,BAG-21098,BAG-36712,BAG-43848


  • Dear All,

    MHO-56441 has updated the picture today. Please kindly noted.


  • Dear All,

    CAR-29844 new stock arrived and we have changed the picture. Same design but just removed the logo. Please kindly noted.


  • Dear All,

    Summer hot sale items APP-56828 ~APP-5683, we vaccumize it to make it thin and fit the Royalmail 2nd class service. So the price decreased which will make it more competitive.


  • Dear All,

    HOM-15849 price decreased as we change the service from Royalmail 2days to 2nd class service. We vaccumized the new stock to make it thinner. This will make this item more competitive.


  • Dear All,

    We decided continue to sell the bike bells SPO-49107 ~ SPO-49112.

    More stock will come in 2 weeks.


  • Dear All,

    For more convenience, we public the return address. We only accept return by Royalmail. Please kindly noted.


    PO BOX 623
    117 stockport road
    M12 6AA


  • Dear All,

    We added few batch sell item: AB2797 AB2803 AB2434 AB2923 AB4797 AB4880 AB4769.


  • Dear All,

    These items are removed from our list: ESP-52054, HOM-44036, HOM-44035, PET-32538, PET-32539, PET-32537, PET-32536, HBE-28335, JJW-41672, WAN-52438, HOM-56027, SPO-55858, SPO-55859, HOM-53335, WAN-53645, WAN-52672,WAN-52673, MKC-0862, MHO-44442, EHE-38797, SPO-35140, POT-45118, HOM-43842, HOM-43843, HOM-33547.


  • Dear All,

    Holidays from 30th April to 2nd May. Saturday and Sunday off in our office.

    The coming Monday 2nd May is UK public holiday. We will process orders and upload the tracking number as usual. But the Royalmail will only come to warehouse collect the parcels on 3rd May.

  • Dear All,

    These items are off shelf: HBE-28335 POT-45118 HOM-43843 HOM-43842 PET-32538 HOM-44035 PET-32539 PET-32537 PET-32536 HOM-44036 ESP-52054


  • Dear All,

    There was a proble with RoyalMail 2nd class system. So yesterday, we shipped the Whistl large letter service. Same lead time with Royalmail 2nd class service.

    This is the tracking place:


  • Dear All,

    No more stock will come for SPO-49107 ~ SPO-49112. This item will be off shelf after sold out. Please kindly noted.