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  • Dear All,

    We will process order one hour early today.

    Happy Women's Day.


  • 1.TOY-29367 TOY-29368 TOY-29369 PCA-49780 price dropped.


  • 1. HBE-29848 BAG-30731 BAG-30731 Price dropped.

    2. EAU-48561 TOY-29366~TOY-29370 VVG-47119 HBE-38795 stock will arrive today. And we will be able to send tomorrow.

    3. HOM-34115 discontinued.

    4. New stock: VVG-40958 VVG-48541 VVG-50873 VVG-50870 VVG-50869


  • 1. APP-0038 APP-0037 APP-36278 APP-36279 CAR-28907 HBE-40292 ~ HBE-40294 HOM-49606 ~ HOM-49608 HOM-38220 HOM-41688 HOM-47393 HOM-43841 Price dropped.

    2. PET-38343 HOM-43759 discontinued.

    3. HOM-42561 price went up.


  • 1. MBL-15479 discontinued for dropship.

    2. APP-36278 APP-36279 HOM-25825 price dropped.

    3. MGA-15826 price increased 3P.


  • 1.HOM-43090 price went up.

    2.HOM-47424 HOM-28675 price dropped.


  • 1.Price dropped for SPO-28714,SPO-30941,SPO-30942,SPO-30943,SPO-30944,HOM-44035.

    And changed the shipping to Royalmail Large Letter.

    2.APP-0036 price increased 6P. The new stock should come in 2 weeks.


  • 1.CAR-25382 FLB-30384 price dropped.

    2.PCA-26271 MBL-26375 MBL-26376 MBL-24652 MBL-24653 HBE-29848 SPO-47804 price dropped and shipping method changed to Large Letter.

    3.Good products for Spring & Summer: HOM-48531 HOM-48530

    4.HOM-50435 HOM-50434 price increased a little. New stock should come in 2 weeks.


  • 1. HOM-16478 HOM-23481 FLB-46421 FLB-46422 FLB-46423 HBE-23694 HBE-23695 price dropped

    2. JJW-17028 HOM-38221 SPO-45124 discontinued.

    3. FLB-46774 new stock arrived.

    4. HOM-37961 SPO-30927 SPO-30929 SPO-30930 will change the shipping method to Large Letter. Price dropped.


  • Dear All,

    We have adjusted the price for more than 500 items today.

    More stock should come in two weeks.


  • 1. HOM-31445 HOM-47847 HBE-49008 HBE-49009 discontinued.

    2. HOM-50435 HOM-50434 PCA-49780 HOM-50231 price goes up.

    3. HOM-35104 price dropped. More stock will come in 2 weeks.

    4. Price dropped for PNE-49106 PNE-49105 HOM-35922 HOM-28912 MGA-46689 SPO-21879 HOM-33219


  • 1.MKC-33444 VVG-28740 HBE-48962 HOM-28133 HOM-29442 FLB-46844 more than 120pcs items price dropped.

    2.MGA-25339 ETO-46755 stock arrived today.


  • 1. HOM-17878 is discontinued.

    2.POT-45118 more stock will come in 2 weeks.


  • Dear All Partners:

    Our website has recovered now.

    Sorry for the inconvenience that we caused.


  • Dear All Partners:

    Today is Chinese New Year Eva. We will off work earlier for warehouse and office。We will process all the orders before 7 a.m in UK time.

    Thanks for all the supports.