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  • 1. Price dropped: APP-53341  WAN-54199 WAN-54201 HOM-54333 CAR-54479.

    2. Discontinued item: MBL-41472  MEA-0461 HOM-51810 VVG-50869 EHE-49475 MTO-17166 FLB-42907.


  • 1. Price dropped for WAN-54198 HOM-54173 WAN-54199 WAN-54201.

    2. Price increased for HOM-31422,HOM-51833,HOM-47703,AB0184,HOM-33219,HOM-33215.

    3. Items discontinued for HOM-29939,BAG-45025,SPO-37994,EHE-34547,HOM-51663.


  • Dear All Partners,

    We will stop using the old email address in next few days.

    Please contact by new email address

    Please kindly noted.


  • 1. Price increased: CAR-38424 CAR-39117(delivery service changed from LL to Th48).

    2. Price dropped: WAN-52673 MBL-43725 MBL-54111 WAN-54444 WAN-54445 WAN-54449 WAN-54447.

    3. Discontinued: HOM-23975


  • Dear All,

    Below items are sold out and no continued:



  • 1. MBL-0462 AB0184 HBE-48962 price increased.

    2. New added to clearance: HOM-37937 HOM-37938


  • Dear All,

    There is no more stock for these 2 items HBE-40180 & HBE-39638. If your buyer can change to other colors BAG-51110 BAG-51111 BAG-51112, please contact us in time.

    There no more stock coming till next few weeks for all these 5 colors.


  • 1. Stock arrived: EHE-17692 PET-53061 PET-53062 PET-53063 PET-53064

    2. Price dropped: MHO-52270

    3. Price increased: HOM-35104 HBE-43454 PET-53061 PET-53062 PET-53063 AB0184


  • Dear All,

    This weekends, 2nd & 3rd Octorber, we will off duty. All orders will be processed on Monday 4th Octorber.


  • Dear All Partners:

    China factories import raw material from global. Due to the Covid-19, raw material prices keep increasing, also the international shipping. This will make the products price keep increasing too. Our company may risk more to stock goods in UK. We apology for the convenience that caused, and hope we can work together in this condition.


  • Dear Partners:

    There is a problem with our server. We have fixed the problem now.

    Really sorry for the inconveinence that caused.


  • 1. HOM-43638 HOM-33547 FLB-46844 HOM-34107 POT-44275 HOM-53154 HOM-53153 PET-51771 HOM-50929 MHO-21304 next stock will in 2 months.

    2. VVG-48540 VVG-48541 price increase as we change it to Royal Mail TH48 service.


  • Price dropped for SPO-48463,CAR-29559,HOM-51823,HOM-51825,HOM-52536,HOM-52537,HOM-52131,HOM-52132,HOM-52133,HOM-52275,HOM-52615,HOM-52616.


  • 1. Price dropped for POT-45118 PCE-46391 PCE-46390 HOM-48647 HOM-48651.

    2. Price increased for HOM-33547 HBE-45665 HBE-45664 HOM-43092 EHE-17692 CAR-49640 CAR-15532 AB0184 HOM-19522.

    3. Discontinued and off shelf items: HBE-15092,JJW-30148,WAN-52674,HOM-51668,HOM-51670,HOM-51679,HOM-51676,HOM-51678,WAN-52436,JJW-41818,MBL-30920,HOM-36807,HOM-28813,EHE-34549,EHE-34546,HOM-20972,HOM-20974,HOM-43934,CAR-46799,MBL-15483,ETO-46719,HOM-49673


  • 1. Price dropped for HOM-52780 HOM-52779.

    2. Changed from LL to TH48 service: HOM-41595 HOM-41596 HOM-41597 HOM-41598.

    3. Price increased for PET-53061 PET-53062 PET-53063 PET-53064 HOM-35104 MBL-16556.